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Si Yuan (means Our Gratitude) Branch is a division of Taifung Group, one of the oldest Independent trading companies in Taiwan established in 1949. Over the last several decades, We have grown from a small consumer commodity trader to a multi-discipline trading house for foreign technologies and products.  Now we have over a hundred twenty staffs in 5 locations  covering energy, technology, engineering, food and beverage  in our business portfolio.


 Ever since our establishment, our leaders have set down  " Constant Learning, Honesty, Open-minded, and Creative " as the company’s mission statement, and we still believe them  today after 70 years of success. Up till now Taifung Group  has worked with over 100 internationally known companies providing services such as : survey market, identify target, making local and foreign contacts, setting bidding strategy, assisting on execution as well as problem solving etc. and achieved in satisfactory of our principals and customers alike.


Our Shi Yuan Branch is involved in food, beverage, wine, tea, fruit, dry goods, paper, bio-technology products while Tai Fung is covering oil, natural gas, petrochemical products, coal, asphalt, refining technology, nuclear, fossil, hydro power equipment, public work engineering, metro, railway, lubricant, catalyst, renewables, aviation, environmental protection … etc., including engineering, equipment and products.


Taifung Group is like a big family, our management encourages employee to learn and develop new skill, helps everyone  to grow. Si Yuan Branch is a good example. In the beginning, Si Yuan Branch was just a section in sales department of Taifung, we started from utilizing existing customers to develop new clients with new products. Now we have our own division and operates rather independently from mother company and we always try expanding to different market. Like always, we set our goal in highest satisfaction of all our new and old customers.